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Home arrow Americas arrow Obama and his slap on Nigeria's face
Obama and his slap on Nigeria's face PDF Print E-mail
Written by Editor, Nigeriannews.com   
Jul 01, 2013 at 03:08 AM

It is becoming like an affront to Obama's friends both in Nigeria and the US, especially Nigerian-Americans. There has to be more to Obama's speech everywhere so far in Africa without mentioning Nigeria

It is becoming very an uncharitable characteristic of a United States President going on a visit to the African continent to completely ignore Nigeria as Mr. Obama has been doing at every stop of his African visits. It will be nice to know which Americans of African extraction contributes more to his two presidential campaigns if this is to be used as a measure of this attitude.

At the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Instead of praising the real ECOWAS pillar - Nigeria, his mention was ECOWAS of his perception. When President Obama praised ECOWAS in South Afica, does Obama know Nigeria is ECOWAS?

Today, South Africa has become a beacon of hope for Africa and beyond, does Obama know that Nigeria made South Africa possible among other well meaning nations?

Nigeria may have bad leadership problem, but in the main, the people have the same drive as people in the US and elsewhere - remarkable resilience in the face of provocative and unproductive leadership. Knowing Nigerians as we do, we are not sure an ordinary Nigerian misses his deliberate lack of desire to visit or even mention Nigeria in his speeches since he arrived in Africa.

Most Nigerians cherish Bill Clinton than will ever do President Obama (if his present attitude continues), and so Clinton has an important Highway named after him in Abuja. We hope Obama will regularize this anomaly in vision and see why Nigerians love President Bill Clinton so much. It is being hypothesized that Nigeria will cease to be in existence by 2015, but suppose this is just a figment of a blatant imagination, where does that lead you as a President with a source in Africa not earning the respect of the largest nation on the continent? A situation where the geographical center of population gravity in Africa has her preference for a President from Hope, Arkansas?

If President Obama is concerned about Nigeria's bad leadership, the way to register his concern is to visit Nigeria and pour out his heart and mind on this important concern like a man with vested interest. but that, he has not done. Is Mr. Obama actually exploiting the Nigerian internal political divides to underestimate the expansive capacity and resourcefulness of Nigerian people?

Some in Nigeria and elsewhere are already accusing Mr. Obama of lack of good judgment in choosing his advisers, a quality which is also very crucial to good leadership, And these Nigerians have not jumped in to accuse him of being a bad leader of his country. There are advisers that deceived President Obama for so long that Boko Haram is as a result of poverty alone ignoring the fact that the people of Southern Nigeria are also victims of the same poverty

Northern Nigeria, where Bolo Haram exists, ruled Nigeria for most of Nigeria's existent as an independent nation. They decided who got what in the economy of Nigeria, especially in the petroleum industry with its sources and base in the Southern Nigeria Niger Delta. The South is more of victims of leadership misrule than the North. Yet the poverty-stricken South has not turned to killing people like the Bolo Haram in the North is current doing

Yet Mr. Johnnie Carson, while at the State Department as the Assistant Secretary of State was President Obama's source of information! That is Mr. Carson, the friend of Babangida and the rest of the North

Ambassador Johnnie Carson (5506689976).jpg
Mr. Johnnie Carson
Former Assistant Secretary of State for Africa

The implication of Mr. Obama's attitude towards Nigeria is very grave. Obama makes Nigeria look undeserving of the permanent seat at the UN Security Council that Nigeria has coveted for so long. Mr. Obama implicitly makes the case for South Africa that it is the Nation that should be given this seat . All Americans of Nigeria' s extraction should withhold further contributions to Obama's causes till he realizes that Nigeria is Africa or at least most of it.

If Obama does not like the way Nigeria is governed, at least recognize the Nigerian people who are the victims of misrules! Your current friends in Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania have their own share of bad leadership President Obama! Perhaps Malawi constitute a competition between Mr. Obama and George W Bush? It is an opportunity for you to out do George W Bush? An American Presidential power gets weaker as its term gets close to an end. The calculation that you have up till January of 2017 to leave office gets Kenya nowhere and certainly gets Nigeria nowhere if your intention is to visit both countries before you leave office! Any visit that is not very soon is just a visit of a lame duck president.

All these said, President Obama, if you are really dissatisfied with Nigeria for whatever reason, the best arena to vet this dissatisfaction out is a visit to Nigeria. If you do this, you will find out that you are in Nigeria to preach to an overwhelming congregation of Nigerian people who are craving to have a venerable external mirror in the person of the president of the United States, to let the Nigerian leadership see how their greed are reflected and seen by the outside world!

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Comment by admin on 2013-07-02 13:48:39
NigerianNews Side Bar: 'Obama and his slap on Nigeria's face' Unique Visitor counter 
Ridiculously, someone went to our server side at 8:34 PM EST Monday July 1, 2013 and reset the above article's unique counter to 91. The purpose may have been to indicate that No one is reading the article! Our observation earlier showed above 1000 unique readers as recorded by the counter. At this point, whoever did this was not able to reset counter for people who read this article from our Facebook site from where 465 of our unique readers at that time came. This people have a long reach, even if it means sabotaging friends! NNEWS

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