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Lake Research Partners show through Poll that Gloria Bromell-Tinubu can win in SC 7th district PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lake Research Partners   
Oct 05, 2012 at 06:24 PM

A new Lake Research Partners poll1 shows that Democrat Gloria Bromell-Tinubu is well-positioned to reach parity with Republican Tom Rice in South Carolina’s new 7th Congressional District. Persuadable voters in the district respond very positively to Bromell-Tinubu’s expertise as an economist who knows how to create jobs, while Rice’s questionable record on the Horry County Council raises serious doubts.


Bromell-Tinubu trails Rice on the initial ballot and on name recognition, but a simple positive introduction slashes Rice’s lead by half, which underscores the need for voters to hear more about Bromell-Tinubu and what she stands for. After voters hear negative messages about both candidates, Bromell-Tinubu garners 42% of the vote, a statistical tie with Rice’s 43%. To win this race, the Bromell-Tinubu campaign has to define Rice and introduce Bromell-Tinubu to voters, especially the undecided and independent voters who hold the balance of power in this swing district. There is a clear path to victory with enough resources to communicate with voters in District 7. For more information about this poll, contact Celinda Lake at 202-776-9066 or David Mermin at 510-286-2097.

Lake Research Partners poll of 411 likely 2012 general election voters in South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District. Live telephone interviews conducted from September 10-12, 2012. Sampling error is +/- 4.9%.
Celinda Lake

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Last Updated ( Oct 05, 2012 at 08:28 PM )

The desperation in the Clinton camp showed the night before these latest primaries and caucus in what seems a shoot in all directions and praying one bullet hits the target tactics. And so, the campaign descended so low into plagiarism battle of wit in which only Lou Dobbs seemed to buy or care about. America has grown past Lou Dobbs and others who prowl on people's fear.