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Home arrow Americas arrow Lake Research Partners show through Poll that Gloria Bromell-Tinubu can win in SC 7th district
Lake Research Partners show through Poll that Gloria Bromell-Tinubu can win in SC 7th district PDF Print E-mail
Written by Lake Research Partners   
Oct 05, 2012 at 06:24 PM

A new Lake Research Partners poll1 shows that Democrat Gloria Bromell-Tinubu is well-positioned to reach parity with Republican Tom Rice in South Carolina’s new 7th Congressional District. Persuadable voters in the district respond very positively to Bromell-Tinubu’s expertise as an economist who knows how to create jobs, while Rice’s questionable record on the Horry County Council raises serious doubts.


Bromell-Tinubu trails Rice on the initial ballot and on name recognition, but a simple positive introduction slashes Rice’s lead by half, which underscores the need for voters to hear more about Bromell-Tinubu and what she stands for. After voters hear negative messages about both candidates, Bromell-Tinubu garners 42% of the vote, a statistical tie with Rice’s 43%. To win this race, the Bromell-Tinubu campaign has to define Rice and introduce Bromell-Tinubu to voters, especially the undecided and independent voters who hold the balance of power in this swing district. There is a clear path to victory with enough resources to communicate with voters in District 7. For more information about this poll, contact Celinda Lake at 202-776-9066 or David Mermin at 510-286-2097.

Lake Research Partners poll of 411 likely 2012 general election voters in South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District. Live telephone interviews conducted from September 10-12, 2012. Sampling error is +/- 4.9%.
Celinda Lake

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