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This registration is another fraud of our time! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nigerian News Editorial   
Mar 16, 2011 at 05:11 AM

We at the NigerianNews have endeavoured to stay out of  the political fray in this coming April election, and we hope pointing out an obvious lie cannot be ascribed to politics. These are what are known:

  1. Jega said at the end of the registration process that 60+ were registered
  2. Jega said there were fraud even involving highly placed men registering multiply

  3. That if a centralized vetting software were used the figure anywhere in the world always go down becuase of double, multiple registration

  4. Niger State with a population of 3,950,249 registered above 1,580,100 knowing that people below 60% of our 2006 population cannot register!

One political leader asked us to beware of what is happening in North Africa, but we are bold to say, as the rest of us watch the world laughing at us for not able to get our mathematics right and count in a non-fraudulent way, Nigeria's revolution when it comes will not be televised!

With no prejudice to Niger State, we know that 60% of Nigerians are below the age of  voters registration, adjusting for the growth since 2006, we would have not expected the total voters registration to be above 2,000,000, but it did.

We have chosen Niger State because it was one of those States that submitted their results after the close of voters' registration. Niger pre-vetted count was less than 1million. The rest of the States, either they submit late or not should have been vetted for fraud.

We opine that the use of AFIS software on regional/state basis lent itself to fraud. AFIS software should have been a centralized event in which vetting is state-blind.

Periscoping from abroad, no amount of re-branding can stop all other nations from laughing at us, knowing in Nigeria, 419 is a daily weapon by both individual and government. Nigerians' words are not worth a Penney abroad.

If you want to send money to Nigeria, neither Western Union nor Monegram will allow us to do it online, although some of the countries in ECOWAS can freely send money to their countries online. Nigerians both at home and abroad are considered fraudulent any way you go. One wonders whether our leaders ponder about this.

Our leaders' thinking may defy statistical processes, however, our voters' registration is now added as our accumulating frauds by others, and the whole of the Atlantic ocean may not ever be able to wash us clean!

Having said as much as we have, and the fact that Jega is known as a man of impeccable integrity, how can this integrity be sustained with the whole world laughing at us when the registration jumped from 60+ to 73+ millions?.

Professor Jega has lost part of his integrity which he must now start immediately to rebuild. The starting point must be  a centralized vetting system that is able to see the evil of the registration perpetrated from all registering branches. This figure ought to be NO more than 60+million  or a little less. The 800,000 multiple count figure threw out by INEC is a voodoo and bogus concoction lazed in Azenic, and prepares us for toxic possibility of violence when everyone has had enough!

If Jega fails to re-appraise and remedy this malady, he will forever be considered as one of the children of Nigeria who makes Nigeria to sin as those before him

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