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Home arrow Americas arrow Odometer fraud huge problem from Canada to Nigeria export
Odometer fraud huge problem from Canada to Nigeria export PDF Print E-mail
Written by Barrie Dashman   
Oct 19, 2010 at 05:37 PM

Hello, can you please tell me of any news channels, news papers and internet classifieds where i can reach the mass public of nigeria about almost every car from toronto being exported to nigeria has the kilometers rolled back?

I want the public to know that these people from Toronto are buying high mileage unsafe cars most with over 200,000 km and many over 300,000km and rolling back the mileage to less than 100,000km, they even remove the check engine and brake lights on dash so your people have no idea what they are driving. I see it happen every day as I work next door to a shipper, I watch them roll back the kilometers to at least 20 cars a day and that only this one shipper in Mississauga on Tompkin and Kamato. Innocent people from Nigeria are being ripped of by their own people from Toronto and they are being endangered because they have no idea what shape their car is really in. I want to inform the Nigerian public that they can check on websites the real mileage of their cars such as carfax and car proof which gives the cars actual kilometers and if its been in a accident. Ive posted this information on a bunch of online websites but need your help to reach the whole market about what is happening. If you can give me information on news channels and papers and online classifieds that many in Nigeria read it would be highly appreciated in my attempt to shut down these criminals defrauding their own people.

Do you know how many Toyota Camry Carolla Sienn, Honda Accord Crv Oddyssy from years 1998-2005 go from Toronto Mississauga to Nigeria with less than 100,000 km? Hundreds every week. The shippers and exporters both roll back the mileage to maximize their profits. Looks on autotrader.com , you wont find one 98-2003 Carolla Camry Accord Oddyssy or Sienna with under 100,000km yet hundreds a week leave Toronto to Nigeria. If you need proof let those buying these cars in nigeria know about carfax and carproof and use it before buying a car. All they have to do is go on line type in the vin number and the cars history will show up.

Thank you

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