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Home arrow Americas arrow AMERICAN RACIAL PROBLEM 101
Written by Prof. Sir Abukuse V.E.P.Mbirika, Ph.D. Kt.G.C   
Sep 19, 2010 at 09:49 PM

After reading a mind refreshing and truth provoking article by Richard Gwyn.
 I thought I was sleeping and writing in my dream an article I had just read. The question is: has the once mighty America declined in power, strength, economy and respectability? Yessss, you can say it again

Let us be very specific too, we are talking about  the U.S.A. not Canada or South America, but simply, the U.S.A. - also one time known as the land of "People of Plenty," Remember, plenty of everything, even like in other parts of the world, plenty of stupidity. Just imagine a place where your worth is measured by the hue of your skin!! If you were light skinned, that is to say, you look like Clark Gable and half baked, you were automatically assumed to know more, deserve more and even be more qualified for leadership. But, and this is a big but, not butt, even though we are going to come to that later, if you resembled people who look like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Jackson, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Socrates, or even the King of Zamunda, you were automatically presumed by people of light hue to be less intelligent, definitely worth much  less in life and incapable of leadership.

A communist idiot from Russia or a serial murderer from Europe who would arrive at any U.S. airport on the same flight with you, would be welcomed just by showing his passport and the hue of his face---not necessarily in that order, while an Archbishop from the Congo or a Nobel Peace Laureate from anywhere in Africa would be stopped to answer a litany of questions; why should he be allowed entry to the land of People of Plenty..And, it does not matter whether his name is Babangida Alhaj Dandata or Desmond Tutu. Remember, this is only at the airport. What do you think would be expected of a place called by some fancy name like The White House! And what do you think the stare and anger would be, especially when you are accompanied by a well baked female and a couple of equally fully baked youngsters you call your family?

People of Plenty cannot even fantasize you to be knowledgeable of what that house named after their hue stands for. To learn that you indeed are the legitimately elected resident of that house and better still, you are their Paramount Chief who reigns and rules over them at least for four to eight years, you will have to be an idiot to think they wish you peace and prosperity, left alone a long life. But my nephew is no coward. The last time Siaya encountered a coward descendant was before I was born and I am close to 100 years than 25 years by African accounting system. Junior's dad was born and raised in Siaya, Kenya. Curiously not having encountered a leader this smart in a very long time, born within the USA, some compulsorily mis-educated among People of Plenty wrongly believe their president was born somewhere in a banana plantation in Kenya and therefore, not in the U.S.A. Very humbling to learn that a lot of people in the USA are starting to learn there is much wisdom in our banana plantation than one would find in the People of Plenty's general hospital! Thus, attributing Obama's wisdom to a foreign banana plantation birth.

Sometimes I am driven to think, they are mistaking me for my nephew. Big mistake. When Junior was born on August 4, 1961, I was a grown-up man playing school at a New Jersey University and passing summer time at 75 North Bath Avenue in Long Branch New Jersey. Where do these idiots get the idea their future president was born in some banana plantation or some primitive clinic in Kenya? Why don't they have the guts to ask me? I'm sorry, people with frozen brain have little interest for facts. Obama's dad and I used to pass time at lunch break in Nairobi, thinking and planning of the day we will go to the USA and help bring down their racial segregation by peaceful means not as we did in Kenya. All we had to do was to marry some of their daughters and populate their nation with chocolate looking or zebra children and few years thereafter, segregation based on color will be something of the past. We did just that and I believe we still have a little more work to do. In Ebonic we call that, peaceful recovery of DNA and getting away with it.

Obama's problem, is true as columnist Richard Gwyn mentioned, the hue of his skin. Incidentally, is not even as well baked as his dad with whom I grew and worked together with. Junior is a zebra, being half of his mom's pinkish tribe. Nevertheless, most of the half baked people who are really pinkish looking too, with only few exceptions among them, see him in their prejudice infested mind as just another---n word. If Jesus Christ, King Solomon, King David, Ludwig Von Beethoven and his teacher Hayden, were to appear in the USA today, People of Plenty, who are incidentally running out of plenty of everything, including money and  the mind, would treat them just as they currently treat President Obama, with scorn and anger. Would that surprise anyone of us? But as one would say in Swahili, "Obama ameshavuga, sasa ajenga nchi, Alkhamdulilah" (Obama has crossed over, he is now building the nation, Thanks be to God.) Those who plan to pull him down, don't waste your time, spend your limited time cleaning and defrosting your brain from the freezer where FOX News has driven you lately, and learn once and for all, black hue is not just as beautiful as the pink hue, but has no connection with one's capacity to govern. Your attempts to pull your president down is thus far futile and "shenzi." Is shameful for a people who want to be known worldwide as merchants of a true democracy to be reduced to skin pigmentation.

When you measure a person's worth by the color of his God-given skin and when you measure a woman's worth by the size of her butt, like in the case of JL, known all over the USA by her talents and God given feminine beauty, and when you prefer electing a U.S. President of questionable voodoo credentials for having competed in a village beauty pageant when she was young, like in the case of that grandma, whose claim to fame and knowledge of foreign affairs is limited to being able to see Russia from the window of her bedroom in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, then it is time to be certified, a society so sick that it merits a political physician of the stature of  Barack Obama to come to its resuscitation.

And that is the personal opinion of  "The King of Zamunda"  a/k/a  Ssabalangira Abukuse II

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