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Barrack Obama-President While Black (PWB) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Tunde Adenodi., NigerianNews Special columnist   
Aug 08, 2010 at 10:56 PM

Let me state the fact as if you did not know it: President Barrack Obama has been black (apartheid definition) since he was born in 1961. His father was an African blackman from Kenya and his mother was white from Kansas, in middle America. He was born in Hawaii, one year after that state became part of the United States of America. This makes  Obama a citizen of the United States and consequently, a legitimate president of the United States of America. His birth certificate has been posted on line for all to see.

The Republican governor of Hawaii has said that he had seen that Barrack Obama was born in Hawaii because he had seen all documents related to live birth of a boy named Obama. A newspaper in Honolulu had published the certificate. Since he became president and his birth had become a contentious issue  among the right wing fringe of the opposition party, thousands of enquiries for his birth certificate had inundated the local county office. They had wasted so much time on this issue that they ruled that  they would not honor anymore requests to sight the certificate! They had better things to do with their time. Nonetheless, 27 percent of Americans believe that Obama was born outside the USA, and perhaps as much as 70 percent of Republicans believe he is not a true American!

President Obama is fifty percent black and fifty percent white. In reality, he is neither white nor black. He is biracial, mixed  or a half-cast. He has the features of the negroid (excuse my choice of word) as well as the caucasian. But, he has chosen to call himself black. He has not turned black suddenly. The Anglo-Saxon white parts of  the populace of America look him straight in the eye and declare matter-of-factly that he is black!  Lost on them is the fact that Obama’s mother was one of them.  In fact this gave rise to the birth of the “Birther Movement”. These are some fringe white racist elements who declare, despite all the evidence, that Barrack Obama was not born in the USA and therefore not a legitimate president. The truth however is bitter. Barrack Obama is more American than John McCain who is a Panamanian born  American. His father, an Admiral in the US Navy was stationed in Panama when he, John McCain, was born there. Is John McCain, who lost the presidential election to Obama,  an American?

If you had as much as 10 percent black in your blood, you were colored or black according to South Africa’s apartheid. This definition, bestowed unearned privileges on whites and untold lifetime of hardship of unimaginable proportions on the black and colored of South Africa. Is this the definition in the United States of America?

Black people of America have coined out a phrase  to describe a special traffic “offense” committed by them, and only them, while driving: Driving While Black or DWB. They, or should I say we(?), are often stopped by the police for no more than being a black person behind the wheel of a car, especially, an exotic car! We suffer punishment often not commensurate with the offense more often than the white person. We are jailed more often and for much longer than the average white for the same offense. They also call  this “racial profiling”. Barrack Obama, the Commander-in-Chief of America‘s Armed Forces, is guilty of the offense of President While Black or (PWB).

By the tail end of 2008 during the presidential elections and at the twilight of the Bush Administration, the whole world, let alone the USA, had caught the disease called “Bush Fatigue”. Everyone wanted him out of the stage for a new president, McCain or Obama. Then, the economic melt-down that hit America like a ton of bricks. No one saw it coming. And when it hit, McCain was jumping from one position to the other like a caged chicken which panics at the sensing of the onslaught of a hurricane while Obama stayed calm and focused. He did the right thing and said the right thing.  Where McCain appeared confused and ignorant, Obama stayed calm, intellectual and most importantly, presidential. Americans did not fail to notice this and this clinched the presidency for Barrack Obama.  At this point Obama’s race was not the issue and McCain‘s heroism in Vietnam was not the issue either. Who, among the two remained cool, calm, unperturbed and seemingly able to see through the confusion and offer meaningful way forward? The choice was Obama.

The Iraqi war had gone on for 8 years and casualty had mounted. One billion dollars was being spent daily without any visible results and Bush’s surge was just taking effect. Obama promised to end the war and bring the troops back home. But McCain insisted he would remain in Iraq as long as it took to win. Americans saw through this and decided to have a change in leadership. Obama’s race did not matter. He had offered a better solution to a serious problem.

He had accused Bush of taking off his eyes from the ball in Afghanistan. He would escalate the war in Afghanistan and defeat Al Qaeda, Obama promised. This resonated well to Americans who gave him a landsilde victory over Mr John McCain. He is working his tail off in Afghanistam to ensure that American troops leave Afghanistan in dignity.

Mr Obama had campaigned vigorously against Hillary Clinton’s vast political machine and had won against all odds. He had campained successfully against John McCain, the “Judao-Christian Anglo-Saxon” puritanical candidate of the right. He had overcome the onslaught of dirty tricks of Jeremiah Wright and Jim Ayres and ACORN as reported daily on FOX News. He was called a terrorist, a muslim, an Indonesian  and everything.  Obama won them all.

But, can he win the new war on him and his Administration? Can he overcome the new one: President While Black or PWB? Or could it be Black While President  (BWP)? On FOX news, everything the president does is defined in terms of race. One laughable anecdote: He engages his wife, Michelle, in a fist bump on television. This is not different from the seemingly unrehearsed wild kiss between Al Gore and his wife on live television during a Democratic Party Convention some years past. A reporter of FOX thought it was a fist bump from terrorists, thus implying that Obama and his wife were terrorists!

He promised to make Health Care Insurance available to all Americans.  And for the first one year in office, he worked assiduosly to achieve this. For this he was called a leftist, a communist, a fascist, a socialist; Lenin and wait for this, Chairman Mao! Yes, they say he engages in collectivization similar to that of the Mao era in Communist China! They say that he is a threat to America’s way of life and that America would be battered beyond recognition at the end of Obama‘s presidency.

He also promised to deal with the issue of immigration. But, battered and bruced from the fight on Health Care Reform, the president can hardly find the support even among democrats for immigration reform. And he better not dare! He says, and insists that no one’s tax will be increased. No one. But that the Bush tax cut to the rich 2 percent of the population will be allowed to expire in 2011. In other words, the tax cut to the richest 2 percent of the populace will be lifted and they will revert to what they were paying before Mr Bush gave them the cut. He argues and rightly so, that the rich are so rich that they will save the money they receive from the cut.  The money will not be spent by them. No one knows who will win this debate. But most Americans believe that the rich do not deserve and more importantly, do not need a tax cut to survive the vicissitudes of the economic melt-down.

The methodology is familiar. Scare the hell out of white people of a black man. Let them believe that their guns will be taken away or that a muslim theocracy is about to be entrenched in the governance of these USA. Or worse still, tell them that the President is a communist who will install communism as a way of life for white America. Scare them so well that they will abandon the president’s party in droves and turn the Republican Party into a lilly white party of the right. Then wait for the next election!

In the last 40 years, I have been privileged to watch closely American democracy. From Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, I observed closely. Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush; I observed from afar off. Then I have watched particularly closely, the presidency of Bill Clinton and George Walker Bush. None appears to be as demonized and villified as that of Barack Obama! Is it because of his offense of being president while black?

It is a well kown phenomenon. As a black person in America, you must be several times better than your white counterpart in order to be said to meet their standard. Obama has proved that he is capble of meeting the challenge.

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Last Updated ( Aug 08, 2010 at 10:57 PM )
George W. Bush's presidency can't end soon enough. Many Americans are fatigued by the state of the nation: a relentless war in Iraq, a bottomless deficit, the bruising mortgage crisis and the United States' flagging image abroad. So it is not hard to be energized by the prospects for a successor.