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Home arrow Americas arrow A Video Commentary that deserves an A+ Grade
A Video Commentary that deserves an A+ Grade PDF Print E-mail
Written by Prof. Sir Abukuse V.E.P.Mbirika, Ph.D. Kt.G.C   
Jul 26, 2010 at 06:07 PM

Last week, some United States' frozen minds decided to be unfrozen. And,  just as a people who have been unthinking for so long, decided to see whether they still could think. Yes, they tried and went as far as  frozen brain in time would be expected to go. One of them with barely bigger brain than one would find in a grasshopper, used a media locally known in a city named after a fruit as a media for intellectually less endowed, decided to blame vehemently, a black woman who was telling the rest of America, it was possible for Americans to peacefully get together, even when all of them do not look like Mel Gibson. She even used her self as a guinea pig. Well if you do not live among "People of plenty" like some of us do and "plenty" knows no skin pigmentation, you would better be reminded there is indeed plenty of stupidity to go round. That is one of the gifts of "People of plenty."

So let's get back to the point in a nutshell. Just in case you missed the most talked about story splashed on every civilized television channel, even on that which passes for a news channel for the feeble minded among us, I would bet, you have watched  or read about  this horrifying story, unless of course, you are one of those E.T.visitors who have just arrived here on earth from Acuria, a mere 9,470 light years away from us plant eating mamalia. The grasshopper minded beings jumped on this poor black woman at a speed never witnessed before since Cain slaughtered Abel. Would you believe it? They had followers of all kind from  every race and  place, even including those places we who live among "People of plenty" have always believed only wise beings have carte blanche to be seen in vicinity. Can you believe, the grasshopper-like people got to the hallowed grounds where the  House named White stands and almost messed up my nephew's mind!! When Junior realized he must have been misled by his own minion, he skipped lunch stew my niece had specially prepared for him and went through an exercise not befitting Her Majesty's 16th cousin by personally placing several frantic calls to her to express his regrets for what he now knew had gone wrong. Descendants of Charlemagne hate making such uncalled for communications. 
The situation gets even worse. The US Department of Bread, where this Nobel Peace deserving lady worked, improving race relations in a population transfixed to skin pigmentation and the entire mind frozen tribesmen who get wheat through that department and not to be forgotten, a consortium of a people who look like Al Sharpton but still call themselves "colored", a term they were known by when America was still experiencing Stone Age Human Relations, all these people---if people is  the right term  fitting them, banded together in an unholy union and just like their distant cousins did to Jesus, all shouted in unison, " Fire her." In the days of Jesus, the equivalent would have been, " Crucify her." And for those good people who live down south in Alabama, crucify is an equivalent of lynch. It took only minutes to throw this noble lady through an open window from the House of Grain. This horrifying scene was done without a dog's benefit of asking her what she really was saying at the dozing Consortium of people who really still believe they are colored. In Zamunda, the only people who have earned title to that hue are the Maasai. Everybody else who has no red paint allover his body and still wants to be known as colored is fake.
It took one resident endowed with common sense among "People of Plenty" to say the right thing. Common sense unfortunately, is not so common a gift found among patrons of FOX news. Keith Olbermann saw an extreme injustice done to this God sent sister. Keith has an intellectual temperature which defiles frozen brains and a tongue that can speak. Place him among Glen Becks of this world, Ralph Limboughs and that Palinese speaking grandma, who once had a nightmare she was in a House called White, giving us law abiding followers executive commands,and Keith will look like a dime among nickels. Better still, he would be like a very tall tree in a forest full of figs and pigmies. He is my kind of student of constructive thinking and delivery. If you though my nephew at the House called White was a terrific speaker, just click below or copy and paste on your browser and judge for yourself. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.
                                                       "Kingdom of Zamunda" 
Olbermann: The witch-hunt vs. Sherrod, and those who made it possible
In a Special Comment, Countdown's Keith Olbermann rails against the manipulation on Fox News and right-wing Web sites. "It is intentional redirection from reality and progress, to... the fomenting of hatred of Americans by Americans."

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Last Updated ( Jul 26, 2010 at 06:13 PM )
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