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Home arrow Africa arrow Let’s Stop Talking about Ribadu – It’s Time to Act
Let’s Stop Talking about Ribadu – It’s Time to Act PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kay Soyemi (Esq.)   
Dec 07, 2008 at 11:46 PM

I am tired of talking about the Ribadu business. I am tired of reading endless articles about the young man. I am extremely annoyed at the amount of attention and press coverage he is getting.

I am tired of listening to the mouthing of our so-called social consciences and leaders. I do not even want to hear about the “discredited progressives” condemning the actions of the present government against Ribadu. It is all talk, backed with no action.

Listen, fellow Nigerians who get to read this cry of mine; it is time we ACT on our own behalf. We do not need to tarry and wait for the demise of Ribadu to be lamented because that is the only end-point of the game being played with him. It is a zero-sum game where the winner takes all; the winners being Ibori, Andoaka, UMYA et al

Do not be fooled, fellow Nigerians, the persecution of Ribadu is the persecution of our conscience; the shackling of Ribadu is the shackling of our future; the challenge Ribadu is mounting against corruption and the status quo must be seen as the catalyst for the mékunús, the talákawás and the dispossessed in Nigeria to rise up and fight for its future.

We must not allow Ribadu to stand alone in these moments of his travails. We need to be seen as standing shoulder-to-shoulder in this struggle to reclaim Nigeria from the thieves who are holding it to ransom. Nigerians, please harken to my cries, it is time to act.

This is what we NEED to do!

We need to make the country unsuitable for thieves to own it. Security forces in Nigeria are generally more relaxed in the Yuletide season so we should use it to our advantage.

Let all Nigerians stockpile food, water and fuel from now on to sustain them at least for a month.

All civil servants and workers below the rank of Ministers and Perm-Secs should refuse to go back to work after Christmas regardless of whether the labour union leadership or NLC support them.

All students from secondary school to the tertiary institutions should report to their schools and campuses but refuse to attend classes. Instead, they should form human walls around the institutions’ entrances. They do not need to wait for the compromised NANS or NUNS or ASUU to support them. Everyone is affected but the leaders are already compromised for crumbs and are no longer interested in the common welfare.

All our transport workers, be it NURTW or otherwise should direct their members to mobilise and drive their vehicles to barricade all access points to the airports and police stations. For their safety, they should just lock their vehicles and leave them there until the action is over.

All market men and women and traders should refuse to go to the markets. Rather, they should march top-naked to the palaces of the Obis, Obas, Emirs or other traditional rulers and their governors and demand the release of Ribadu from persecution, the impeachment of UMYA and Goodluck or their surrender of power.

Nigerians, let us use Monday December 27, 2008 to demand our freedom from poverty, ignorance and hunger. It is our inalienable human right. Let us show our support for Ribadu and our hunger for a just future for ALL NIGERIANS by acting now. Please pass this message to as many people as you can.

I will see you outside Aso Rock on Monday 27 December 2008. If they foil it this time, let us do it again every Monday until we achieve change for the better in Nigeria. They cannot kill all of us. It is time to act.

God bless Nigeria.

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Last Updated ( Dec 07, 2008 at 11:47 PM )
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