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Home arrow Newsflash arrow Obama won in Nebraska, Washington, Louisiana States; he also won in the Virgin Islands
Obama won in Nebraska, Washington, Louisiana States; he also won in the Virgin Islands PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael K Oladimeji   
Feb 09, 2008 at 09:15 PM
With the exploits of Barack Obama, The United States of America has proven she has come a long way in racial harmony

As results trickle from Washington and Nebraska, two states with very few African American population, the results are becoming a route of Hillary Clinton, who had expected to be coronated as a heir apparent to her husband, former President Bill Clinton

In Washington State with 96% precincts reporting, the results are as follows:

Obama: 68%
Clinton: 31%
Uncommitted: 1%

Nebraska with 99% of the precincts:

Obama: 68%
Clinton: 32%
Uncommitted: 0%

In the overrall, and in what may sound like a convoluted theory for a third World person looking to America for electoral leadership, this is where we are:

Pledged Delegates 918
Super Delegates 131
Total: 1,049

Pledged Delegates: 885
Super delegates: 223
Total: 1,108
(CNN Source)

MSNBC Source below without Super delegate.
  |  Polls
won to date
Super delegates committedDelegates needed
Barack Obama94301,082
Hillary Clinton89501,130
John Edwards2601,999
Joe Biden002,025
Chris Dodd002,025
Mike Gravel002,025
Dennis Kucinich002,025
Bill Richardson002,025

2,025 delegates needed for nomination

I have decided to include MSNBC source since it is becoming clear that CNN as of today Sunday February 10, 2008 seems to be turning to be Hillary headquarters. They have now officially included Florida and Michigan in the official Hillary column, though with zero delegate. This seems a subtle move. Ms. Candi Crowley, the CNN anchor is fast becoming a subtle partisan in favor of Hillary as well. She anchors today, and it has all been about Hillary's campaign as she seems to take over Ms Malveaux's reporting from the Obama's campaign. Malveaux is now with Hillary, giving Crowley the chance to do her thing.

We are still waiting to see when CNN is going to give the same prominence they give to Hillary campaign speeches in Northern Virginia today to Obama. Remember the Potomac primaries are on Tuesday? The CNN subtle media campaign on behalf of a candidate seems to be under way.

CNN (Candy Crowley) at the beginning of the day has tried to promote Maine as Hillary country. However, the report seems to be trickling in, and Obama is leading thinnly!

Results from main with 11% precincts reporting:

Obama: 51%
Clinton: 48%

Candy Crowley consistently puts Obama at 50% and Hillary at 48%, afterall, what is in numbers!

The truth is very stubborn, the latest from Maine after the report of 79% of the precincts:

Obama: 59%
Clinton: 41%

And Obama is now the declared winner in Maine, what about that?

2025 pledged and Super delegates are needed to clinch the nomination out of 4049 totals.

As of this report, Obama led in Louisiana and has just been declared the winner. It is known that Obama has swept the night, and may even sweep the next few elections in the next 3 weeks.

Unfortunately, the Super delegates owe allegiance to old time and cloak room politics which may not hold any appeal to emerging democracies which admire America!

The Super delegates is emerging as an achilles heel of the DNC, among many problems of Michigan and Florida. Florida and Michigan may result as handicap to Obama who loyally followed the rules of the DNC along with Hillary and Edwards. They all signed undertakings not to campaign in both States in compliance with party instructions. However, Hillary seeing that her coronation may not be possible unless she can conjure not so glorius victories in both Michigan and Florida, she now wants both states to be counted in her favor, although the Democratic rule precludes that.

A lot of people including Obama and Edwards voters are claiming that it is this Hillary personality of lack of trustworthiness that may be the reasons for not voting for her in the general election if she secures the Democratic nomination through illicit means.

At the end of the night, the pundits expect Obama to lead in the pledged delegates. Pledged delegates are delegates actually won during the primary elections. The Super Delegates are the delegates who do not owe their allegiance to the ungoing primaries, but to cloak room politics allowed by party rules.

Louisiana has a very large African American population which at first seems to be mostly apathetic to this election as a result of Katrina. Obama won in Louisinan as a result of Black-White coalition of 'Yes We can' vanguard. The result so far at 98% precincts reporting shows:

Obama: 57%
Clinton: 36%
Uncommitted: 0%

Obama has just been declared the winner in Louisiana, in a night replete with clean sweeps in the Virgin Islands, Nebraska, Washington - all in one night!

Last Updated ( Feb 10, 2008 at 07:24 PM )
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