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Welcome to conscienceDaily International! PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Administrator   
Nov 19, 2005 at 07:52 AM

Mambo LogoWelcome to ConscienceDaily, the official site that examines human conscience. The politicians talk of morality and conscience on daily basis, the clergy and the rest of mankind are not far behind. When you examine what we all discuss on a daily basis, you will agree with us that conscience to some of us is relative. However, our purpose here is to show that the perceived relativism of conscience is in some cases a self-serving ploy and in other cases lack of accurate knowledge of the subject at hand.

Self-serving conscience relativism is an essential preserve of politicians the world over.  Politics today is not necessarily about helping people. What is important to a professional politician is winning an election, and in order to win in the competitive and "spectator game" of politics, conscience often is always the first to be sacrificed. A politician accomplishes this because the ordinary people have surrendered their brains to the television and the politicians. As a result of this, the professional politicians only play to the rules of sound bites. Sound bites are no more than few words with meanings cleverly concealed, therefore revealing always nothing. However, the packaging guarantees that the only thing the unsuspecting electorates remember are the sound bites. The clever politicians however lay bare their conscience in the wilderness of half truth and innuendoes. In some instances, the conscience in certain politicians is dead

In cases where lack of knowledge is the culprit to, the sins seems NOT of commission, but of omission. The people in this category are redeemable. A little strengthening of knowledge liberates the conscience.

Our mission at ConscienceDaily International is to respond to daily sacrifice of conscience and point to the deliberate ploy of  people of conscience relativism while they are at their games. We also plan to discuss issues that will help to dispel lack of knowledge. Our focus will spare no one, not even the editor or people responsible for ConscienceDaily International. The world is speeding, as we see it here, to a certain disaster. This will definitely happen unless people of solid conscience and morals urgently intervene.

Everyone is invited to send articles related to conscience to us on a daily basis. The strength and pungency of articles will be examined by people who love the strengthening of conscience. Acceptance will depend on validity of thought. The TRUTH is the searchlight of conscience, please let us all form a strong alliance to defend what we dare call here the "invariant conscience"!

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