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Home arrow Editorials arrow In this theatre of the absurd, Aondoakaa stands out.
In this theatre of the absurd, Aondoakaa stands out. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Nigerian News Editorial   
Sep 20, 2007 at 12:17 AM
 While the theatre of the absurd has begun to witness a resurgence in the newly inaugurated presidency of Musa Yar'Adua, it is amazing that the prominent actors are those who secretly sought the head of this president while he was still the PDP presidential candidate. That was then. This is now. And the self-promoters, the uncouth and the moles planted by the crooked have surreptitiously and stealthily taken over!  

Of all the self promoters, the uncouth and the moles planted by the crooked, not a few Nigerians we have talked to have placed the current Attorney General as the epitome of the worst yet to come from this government. Through the constant usage of "I am the Chief law enforcement officer", it is not difficult to see that this Attorney General is a self promoter. However, why would anyone think of him as uncouth? Let us seek the dictionary meaning of uncouth; this word as an adjective can mean (1) Crude; unrefined. (2) Awkward or clumsy; ungraceful. (3) archaic : not known or not familiar to one : seldom experienced. This Attorney general, in deviation from the norm of a team player in similar governments, has shown lack of grace, experience, refinement in sending another Attorney to court where EFCC lawyer was to represent EFCC. He did not inform EFCC that he will be replacing their Attorney with his own, he just went to court to lay bare the face of a government still trying to find its proper foothold! He later claimed that EFCC had apologized to him.

What about a mole planted by crooked politicians? While the integrity of this man has never been examined by any person, the following is out there; he was alleged to be an Attorney to one or few of the people EFCC is investigating. He was also alleged to be Governor Akume's Attorney representing Benue State in a law suit at one point. We also know that Akume is under the microscope of the EFCC. That he was even made an Attorney General by this president will require several tons of writings by future presidential historians who examine and explain the logic of his appointment.

We know that he echoes the "rule of law" championed by his Siamese twin, Olisa Agbakoba (They really both caught an impressive sight at that NBA outing in Ilorin, Kwara State few weeks ago), however, we must ask this question: When Orji Kalu allegedly forged that letter he sent to the court in Abuja, claiming he had to be in Massachusetts for his wife's emergency medical operation, is forgery a consolidation of the rule of law? If the answer is NO, is this crime less than the misdemeanor of not obeying a lesser court in Umuahia? Is this not a judicial precedence issue for which the answer seemed clear, at least before Justice Inumidun Akande's political decision that created this unwanted loophole for the crooked? Now the chicken has come home to roost, every crook now hides under this hideous act of partisan justice to coerce the judge they appointed or favorable to them in their state judiciary to procure justice! Must the wheel of justice grind to a halt while this is being clarified by an evil genius in a 'rule of law' clothing? Left to Aondoakaa, justice seems to have its proper 'hemostasis' when Orji Kalu is allowed to make a mockery of the laws that govern forgery, and eventually, get away with corrupt enrichment charges.

If Yar'Adua buys the ploy of these latter day law abiding new comers to the idea of his presidency, as they say in the USA, we have a Brooklyn bridge to sell him, only this time, it is a stealth bridge located somewhere near Ukan in Benue State.

And what have Nigerians been saying about Attorney General Aondoakaa and his comrades in arm? A few sample of these are all over the Internet:

Beginning of Quotes

This man Aondoakaa, the AGF is utterly not fit for purpose. His behaviour is that of a village idiot. He is wholly irrationally minded and lack the rationality his office needed.

Looking at his decisions since he came to office, I can see his hand in, first trying the weaken the EFCC, the suspension of the re-domination of the Naira, he marred the process in legal legalities, even though he knows nothing about economics and monetary policies. It now seems he knows nothing as well about rational law. Aondoakaa, clearly is not fit for purpose.

Within few months of coming to power he had almost single handedly make Nigeria a laughing stock in the international community, by taking on and interferring in operations of the only very few institutions that function in Nigeria, the EFCC and the Central Bank.

That this man belongs to a supposedly luminary institution like SAN of lawyers is a complete joke and bring the SAN into serious disrepute.

"Rule of Law": how laughable do these lawyers and condoners of official corruption sound! We know the stance of Agbakoba, Keyamo and his NBA on the existence of anti-corruption organizations. We need not be reminded that they are the lawyers protecting the rich and executive thieves. And they have the instruction to destroy the agency from executive thieves otherwise they lose business.
"Rule of law": how laughable, it is rather "Rule of the rich". How could they regale Nigeria with rule of law stories when thousands are rotten in jail? Injustices is the order of the day in almost all facets of our Nigeria. Why are they giving the Executives thieves priority?

The line for the war on corruption has been drawn and we can now see those that are on both sides of the line. The AG, NBA, Keyamo & Co could be seen as opponents of the anti-corruption war. Its no more easy for those that sit on the fence. You are either for the war or you are against it.

Section 101 of the Criminal Procedure Act provides that irregularity or illegality of an arrest of a criminal suspect cannot vitiate his prosecution by a competent criminal court. So what is the AGF saying. Is the Criminal Procedure Act not part of the Laws Of Nigeria?. AGF get real, tell us your real motive? "

In a brief statement, I solemnly agree with Gani Fawehinmi for the voluntary resignation of AGF. If he fails to, the president or the legislature depending on our constitution should show him the way out.

I am in total support of Gani fawehinmi's views.The AG of the federation has never shown any respect to the rule of law and public interest by his utterances.Why has he been defending those who stole our money and refused to develop our states with our resources? He should have ordered full investigations of these past governors and other public officers, rather he is condemning institutions established by the constitution to fight corruption.T he AG should resign immediately or get booted out of office by the president in order to make our citizens breathe the air free of corruption.

The Action Congress has every reason to seek the fall of EFCC, after all, who is a high profile member of the AC that did not partake in either of the two preceding regimes that were infested with incurable corruption. How would they know who would be next in the dreaded EFCC net, at least their protest will attract public sympathy when they are yet to face the music as things are for now.

End of Quotes

We have been selective in the above quotes since our intention is to show that most people are very unhappy with the new found friends of this president. There are of course some few people who thought Gani should be ignored, but those are in the minority. Our quotes are from one source only, but we have tons of such unfavorable quotes if anyone wants to fault us.

We understand why President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua would want to tarry with the people of questionable characters he has to deal with a little longer. He may for example, be scared of what the Presidential Election Tribunal may eventually decide on the April Presidential election, however, is it not more honorable to rule if only for few months and the period be known as a period free of corruption, a period of zero corruption tolerance? They may constantly remind this president of the uncertainty of his presidency, but is a good name not better than longevity of rules? Think about that Mr. President. You ignore Gani to the peril of your presidency. Get this man Aondoakaa of many contradictions out of this government fast for a new beginning.

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